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Rock Paintings

Among all artists of all times, the greatest is god who fashioned this beautiful world we live. Naturally some of his children inherited his artistic trails, articulating it in paintings even before the birth of civilization. Rock-paintings by prehistoric human artists represent one such expression of human artists represent one such expression of human sense of beauty. However, appreciation apart, even recognition thereof came millenniums later when archaeologists changed upon them in the 19th century CE.

Primitive paintings capture rare perception of contemporary life and times, covering prehistoric as well as part of historic period. They beautifully bring out the simplicity and authenticity of life lived by the people that produced the artists.

Living as they did in close companionship with nature, theirs was an endless struggle for survival to find food and substance, which is obviously reflected in scenes of hunting depicted in paintings. However the artists rose much above this fundamental need and painted a refreshing variety of themes: dwelling in huts and dancing in celebration; paying homage in idols and playing on musical instruments; collecting honey and singing to satisfaction.

Thus the available corpus of rock-paintings represents a rich heritage of humanity, testifying to innate human capacity for abstraction, synthesis and idealization. It’s a precious treasure-house of social, economic, cultural and spiritual dimensions of life left by our ancestors.

Broadly the period of prehistoric paintings extends from BC 12000 to BC 500 totaling fairly long period of about 10,000 to 12,000 years.

Modern Art


Modern Miniatures

Modern Miniatures are basically small sized Modern art Paintings, which contains all the features of a large sized modern art painting. These can be used as a greeting card of even as near sight wall paintings..

Black & White

These paintings are having vertical congruency created using single tone natural black ink on drawing paper.. The speciality of these paintings is a single paintings will be imagined different by different kind of people. Can be used to increase your imaging power. tThese are unique paintings which can never be copied even by its creator

Wooden Sculptures

Generally Wooden Sculptures emplies creation of sculpures by modifying steams or roots, but Mr. Shailesh Dashore has done a different kind of job. He has simply collected stems, roots, branches which were seemed to him having any figures.. And just by cleaning, polishing and removing excess parts these are created...